The beginning of your plants life matters.

Like humans, the way your plants are cared for before they even leave the nursery matters. At Fletcher & Co. we run two nursery sites, focusing on plants that are best suited to Tasmania's cool climate. We propogate, grow and care for all of our plants on-site so you can be assured of the quality of anything we sell before you even reach for the shovel or spade!

A family nursery with heart.

Fletcher & Co. was founded on simple family based principles.

We aim to offer you healthy plants suitable for our Tasmanian climate, fair prices that are within reach of everyone alongside the strong tradition of what it means to be a truly family owned and operated nursery. Sure, our nursery may not be as large as the garden centres and big hardware chains but we do offer something that they don't - the experience of visiting a family run nursery, rich with advice and stories allowing you to embrace a welcoming gardening experience which is always unique and rewarding.